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Umbrella - OP 24 D

Password: OP24D
Μήκος: 240
Βάθος: 240
Wooden umbrella, with net in natural and black color, dimensions 240x240, heavy type and eight beams, made of solid baked beech with the following characteristics. Ray Dimensions 4.5x2cm Column height 2.6m Properties 1. This cloth has one of the highest UV protection indices. 2. The company that produces this cloth is certified with Bluesign, ie it has been tested for 300 carcinogens. 3. It is Oeko - Tex certified, which means all elements of the yarn do not contain harmful substances. 4. It has SGS certification for ISO 9001 and 14001. Features 1. Isothermal, shading temperature regulator 2. Light 3. Dry, eliminates moisture 4. Ecological 5. It is not harmful to health 6. Easy to clean 7. Durable Our furniture are manufactured with European specifications and are accessible all over the world with Electra’s Brand name.